Virke – Tills det ljusnar

Virke – Tills det ljusnar

Staying up all night underneath a highway bridge, waiting for the sun to rise. Drinking cheap beer and forgetting about the unavoidable future. This is Virke’s debut single Tills det ljusnar.

Cover by Tomas Melinder
Mastering by Tomas Bodén
Release date: 2021-05-27
Format: Digital
Recorded in: Årsta and Skillinge

Virke consists of Billie Lindahl, Rickard Jäverling and Henrik von Euler. The music is created as a soundtrack to a nonexistent documentary about our friend Anneli growing up in Hovsjö in the early eighties. As we started playing we began to imagine life around 1980 as a young teenager in Södertälje. When we wrote new music, piece by piece a map unfolded. It went around the high-rises and down to the harbor; along forest areas, apartments, gas stations and discos. At certain spots, we placed our own memories. This first song “Tills det ljusnar” is about one of those memories; sitting up under the highway bridge until it gets light. No darkness in sight.

The track is taken from the album “Hovsjö 80” which will be released early September 2021.


//1. Tills det ljusnar



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