Henrik von Euler – Migrationer

Henrik von Euler - Migrationer EP cover


Music for the spaces in between. Miniature movements caught in short moments in time. Seven pieces for piano.

Photo: Jesper Hammarström
Gold plate reverb and API EQ: Daniel Bengtson at Studio Rymden
Mastering: Henrik von Euler
Release date: 2021-04-22
Format: Digital

These songs were recorded during isolation in 2020 and 2021. “Opportunities for getting to the studio were scarce and I had to make do with the odd hour here and there.” The result is 7 small and restless, yet sedated, pieces. The album was originally supposed to be called Miniatures but because of the cover photo, taken by Jesper Hammarström of two rooks in Uppsala, Migrationer seemed a better fit. The title refers to the migrations of birds during fall and spring.


//1. Migrationer
//2. Migrationer 2
//3. Migrationer 3
//4. Migrationer 4
//5. Migrationer 5
//6. Migrationer 6
//7. Migrationer 7

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