About us

Flora & Fauna is a record label from Stockholm, Sweden – established in 1999.

Our focus lies mainly on instrumental music with the occasional exception. We release on vinyl and digital and are distributed by Bengans (Vinyl) and Aloaded (Digital). Klick here for the full discography.

You can contact us at info[at]brilliant[dot]nu if you have any questions regarding our releases, need press material or if you have some music you think we ought to hear. Just bear in mind that we receive many demo submissions and won’t have time to answer them all.


In the beginning it was based around two different labels. Flora released esoteric 7-inches and Fauna focussed on more dance-floor oriented 12-inches. These labels were founded by Frans Carlqvist and David Giese. When they merged it became what we today know as Flora & Fauna.

The label was originally based around the dub collective Moder Jords Massiva and has during the years released numerous of the artists that once were a part of that constellation.

Henrik von Euler runs the label today and has been doing so for the last 15 years.