Anders Ekert – Vid sidan

Anders Ekert - Vid sidan cover


Abrupt rhythms and ambience stuck in between space and time. Re-modelled downtempo electronics and clustered ambient.

Cover by Love Wendel
Mastering by Henrik von Euler
Release date: 2020-10-29
Format: 7″ vinyl, Digital
Cat no: FFLP37

Vid sidan is the first solo effort from Anders Ekert. A true pioneer in electronic music as a part of all star team Pluxus. Anders has also been the main photographer for Flora & Fauna during the last ten years.

Vid sidan tracklist:

//A1 Treas

//A2 Käfer

//B1 Sot

//B2 Archiv


Anders Ekert bio:

Anders works out of Valla Torg, Årsta, Stockholm as a photographer and has been responsible for many videos and press photos in the Flora & Fauna catalogue. His latest contributions as a video maker (with the exception of his own teaser video for Sot) are the video for Nattens fåglar by Liljor and Ögat i nacken by Dödens Dal. He started his musical career joining classic Swedish electronic act Pluxus in time for their second album “Och resan fortsätter här” and was also a big part in the work of their record label Pluxemburg who released a vast number of albums by Andreas Tilliander, Jeans Team, Fibes, Oh Fibes! and many more.

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