Henrik von Euler – Små vågor 6

Små vågor 6 – Henrik von Euler - Cover


To reach the cliff that meets the sea, you must pass four smaller bridges. Simple structures made of untreated wood surrounded by pine and sea buckthorn. The last bridge out is narrow and only a few meters long. When you have crossed it, the world opens up, the noise quiets down, and everything becomes smooth.

Cover: Karl Grandin
Mastering: Tomas Bodén
Release date: 2024-01-26
Format: Digital and 12″ vinyl LP

Små Vågor 6 is a hypnotic journey through Roslagen ambient, electronic granite jazz, and dubby drone. The album features Johan Berthling on double bass, Leo Svensson Sander on cello, Rickard Jäverling on guitar, and Sam Lindroth on bass. The album was recorded in northern Uppland with the Baltic Sea’s most barren cliffs as the backdrop. Additional recording was made in Sundbyberg and Årsta.

Before mastering, the final mixes were laid down on tape by Daniel Bengtsson in Studio Rymden.


//1. Bron ut
//2. Inomskärs
//3. Med en enkel havstulipan
//4. Tall och havtorn
//5. Trappan ner
//6. Västra hamnen
7//. Lom i fjärden
8//. Solvarm
9//. Trappa ner

Press text:

In a world full of endless variations of music and sound, the multitasker is king. Henrik von Euler has been active in Sweden’s music scene for 20 years, creating groundbreaking music across a range of genres. However, the focus has always been on experimental instrumental music – from cinematic water mirror ambient with Jäverling ◊ von Euler and slow kraut with the trio Virke, to synthetic electronic funk with Rigas den Andre. Like a modern Ralph Lundsten, he explores every corner of the musical spectrum to find unique expressions.

Press photo

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Ornitologisk Årsta-ambient

Andres Lokko i Sveriges Radio P2

von Eulers sökande instrumentalmusik har ena benet i en minimalistisk tradition, närbesläktad med den japanska genren kankyō ongaku, ”environmental music”, och det andra i varm dub. En avstickare letar sig något överraskande in i modaljazzen.

Tobias Magnusson på Hymn.se

Taken as a whole, the Små Vågor albums recollect Hans-Joachim Roedelius’s “Selbstportrait” series. Euler uses ambience as a method of circling back to resurgent concerns and senses of self. In the process, he hits upon a style that fuses the synthetic and organic in melody-driven ambience, comparable to Rodelius’s “soft music”. Euler extracts maximum emotional and narrative potential from a carefully curated set of ingredients. Like a chef who refuses to throw too much on the plate, Euler draws out a crystalline consommé of sound.

Samuel Rogers, A Closer Listen

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