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Virke – Tills det ljusnar cover

Virke – Tills det ljusnar

Staying up all night underneath a highway bridge, waiting for the sun to rise. Drinking cheap beer and forgetting about the unavoidable future. This is Virke’s debut single Tills det ljusnar.

Virke teaser Tills det ljusnar

Teaser: Virke – Tills det ljusnar

Tills det ljusnar is the first track from the upcoming album Hovsjö 80 by Virke. Available on all digital platforms on May 27th! The album drops in September 2021!

Anders Ekert - Vid sidan

Pre-order Anders Ekert – Vid sidan

Vid sidan is the first solo effort from Anders Ekert. A true pioneer in electronic music as a part of all star team Pluxus. Abrupt rhythms and ambience stuck in between space and time....

Drömstadie Jäverling ◇ von Euler

Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Drömstadie

Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Drömstadie Dreams are reality and reality is a dream. Journey further through different stages of sleep with this hypnotic piece by Jäverling ◇ von Euler. Cover by Erica JacobsonMastering...

Nattmusik pre-order

Pre-order Nattmusik – V/A

We are now taking pre-orders for the ambient compilation Nattmusik. Fourteen exclusive tracks on double gatefold vinyl. Release date is set for September 10th. Limited edition of 200 copies. Pre-order the album and listen...

Ålderns tröst - Andreas Söderström cover

Andreas Söderström – Ålderns tröst

ANDREAS SÖDERSTRÖM – Ålderns tröst A lament for lost summer nights and a life that slowly slips through your hands. Slowly evolving ambient movements of past and future. Cover by Erica JacobsonMastering by Henrik...