Clora – Till Doro

Clora - Till Doro, LP cover

FFLP33 // Clora – Till Doro

Rural ambience and soothing electronics. An endless lullaby for the lost generation.

Cover photo by Anders Ekert, mastering by Henrik von Euler.
Release date: 2019-11-29
Format: LP and digital

Till Doro was recorded as a one piece good-night-sleep-tight song in 2018 for a child that was yet to be born. It is by far the most personal work so far and also the most bright and ethereal work Clora has released to this date.


//1. Isa
//2. December
//3. Doro
//4. Ebb



Clora is the acronym of Stockholm based artist Christoffer Reichenberg. He began in 2015 as a meditative way of turning memories into sounds.

Previous releases has mainly wandered off into murkier and darker soundscapes but the idea of creating something warm for a small child turned out to be inspiring.

Till Doro is Clora’s first release on Flora & Fauna.

Other releases:

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Fauna Diorama (Shimmering Moods Records)
Arkiv (Do you Dream of Noise)
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