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Virke Hovsjö 80 cover omslag


Early summer mornings, highway transitways, cheap beer & cigarettes and an unyielding hope for the future. Hovsjö 80 is a unrequested soundtrack to a nonexistent movie about growing up as a teenager in Hovsjö around 1980.

Cover: Tomas Melinder
Mastering: Tomas Bodén
Release date: 2021-09-09
Format: Digital and 12″ vinyl (sold out)

Virke are Billie Lindahl, Rickard Jäverling and Henrik von Euler. The basics for the album was recorded in Årsta during the spring of 2020. Add-ons were recorded in Skillinge at Magnus Sveningsson’s house of prayer. The album is instrumental and the main setup is: Aria Diamond drum machine, Juno-60 synthesizer and Fender Jaguar guitars. Extra drums and percussion on selected tracks by Martin Sörbom and Niklas Korssell. The girl on the cover is our friend Anneli Rudström and the picture was taken by her father Anders Rundgren in Hovsjö 1980.


//1. Anneli
//2. Sydgården (psykvården i Hovsjö)
//3. Tills det ljusnar
//4. Valium
//5. Under motorvägen
//6. Kol och salpeter
7//. E4 söderut
8//. Måsnarens strand
9//. Zundapp KS50
10//. Ungkarlshotellet i Saltskog

About Hovsjö 80

In the spring of 2020, a picture from 1980 appeared on our desks. The black and white photo depicted a small kid in a hat and long jacket standing among the large concrete houses in Hovsjö outside Södertälje and looking into the camera with peculiar cockiness.

We had just started work on a new record according to a simple recipe: one night a week we went down to the studio and wrote one song at a time. It was random at first and that’s how we were used to it. We hooked up the instruments, fiddled for a while and pressed the record button the moment we thought we were on track.

The photo from Hovsjö was pinned down in our notes as a cover proposal and we returned to it often when we worked in the studio. There was a feeling in it that we could not get around and the more detailed the song sketches became, the more we understood that it was some kind of soundtrack we were doing.

We began to imagine life around 1980 as a young teenager in Södertälje when we wrote new games and piece by piece a map unfolded. It went around the high-rises and down to the harbor; along forest areas, apartments, gas stations and discos. At crossed markings, we placed our own memories, such as cycling in light winds with cheep beer to parties where you do not know anyone, sitting up under the highway until it gets light and playing on the train tracks late one summer evening. The pictures and music began to live their own lives.

We ourselves did not grow up in Hovsjö, but in other smaller places where life goes on. Few things separate us. This is Hovsjö 80.


Virke – E4 Söderut (via Youtube)


Hovsjö 80 fångar skickligt en tidsanda genom vemodiga och suggestiva poplåtar. Med en filmisk kvalitet skildras känslan av att växa upp i en värld som paradoxalt nog kan upplevas både som ett fängelse och som en trygghet. Den grådisiga atmosfären som vilar över albumet bryts emellanåt av gnistrande syntslingor och vackert utmejslade gitarrslingor.

Tobias Magnusson,

It’s been a while since DC has covered a Flora & Fauna release, but just last week the Swedish label sent us an album with an exceptionally curious concept. Our interest piqued, we listened to Virke’s Hovsjö 80 and loved it.

Nathan Yoder,


Virke: Billie Lindahl, Rickard Jäverling och Henrik von Euler. Foto av Anders Ekert
Photo: Anders Ekert

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  1. Hasse Wahlström says:

    Kommer Virkes platta Hovsjö 80 att släppas på cd?

    • Flora & Fauna says:

      Hej Hasse, tyvärr kommer den inte att släppas på cd inom den närmsta framtiden. Kanske i samband med nästa skiva att vi gör ett nytryck av LPn och gör CDs då!

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