Henrik von Euler – Hemskogen

Henrik von Euler Hemskogen cover


Layered pianos and silent electronics. Debut EP for Henrik von Euler under his own name.

Cover by Anders Ekert, mastering by Henrik von Euler.
Release date: 2019-03-07
Format: Digital EP

Recorded whilst making the new album with Små Vågor. Some of these songs or sketches were supposed to be on on the new album for Små Vågor but the songs with piano found a life of their own and needed a separate output.


//1. d-moll
//2. g-moll
//3. F-dur
//4. C-dur
//5. Modal


“The mood is a pure, zen-like reflection, like watching a sunrise bathe the sky in color.” Chillfiltr.com

“Straddling the line somewhere between Satie and the Album Leaf, this track blooms from a minimal piano line to a fully fleshed track full of light-imbued drones and melancholic melodic lines that rise and dissipate with the track’s ocean liner trajectory.” Tometotheweathermachine.com

“This elegant track from Swedish producer Henrik Von Euler this the spot for us with its meditative qualities but in the background there lurks both beauty and distant ominous clouds on the horizon. It’s tranquil yet possessing some darker mystery beneath the surface.” doubtfulsounds.net

“In the theme that I share with you, the piano is sovereign and the organic sounds that accompany it transports us to dimensions between introspection and extreme sensitivity to each texture that is introduced every time.” branmorrighan.com



Henrik von Euler runs the label Flora & Fauna and has been a part of the Swedish electronic scene for over fifteen years with numerous releases on labels all over the world. Most recently he finished an album trilogy with Dödens Dal, released an album with slow Finnish David Lynch-style ballads together with the group Liljor, made the soundtrack to a 30 year old art piece as von Euler – Jäverling and released three records of cinematic ambient as Små Vågor

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