Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Musik för trädgårdar

Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Musik för trädgårdar


Ambient compositions inspired by plants and horticulture. The title translates as Music for gardens and it is the second album by duo Jäverling ◇ von Euler.

Cover by Michael Thorsby, mastering by Tomas Bodén
Release date: 2020-04-24
Format: LP, Digital
Cat no: FFLP34

Recorded in the fall of 2019 in Årsta. Based around the piano and the electric guitar with layers of added electronics.

For the cover designer Michael Thorsby created new plants that he 3D-printed and then illuminated with various colors.


//1. Portal
//2. Tema
//3. Blank yta
//4. Stigande luft
//5. Minneslund
//6. Grenverk
//7. Tempel
//8. Daggkåpa
//9. Tema (repris)
//10. Stenparti


This is the second album from Sweden’s Jäverling ◇ von Euler. The first one “Musik inspirerad av Kullahusets hemlighet (Sten Eklund, 1971)” was released in 2018 and worked as a soundtrack to an art piece by Swedish artist Sten Eklund.

On “Musik för trädgårdar” they have focussed on the image of the structured garden. Nature controlled and shaped into something graspable. Based around piano, electric guitar and a few select synthesizers they have tried to create a sonic world that resembles nature in its most controlled form.

Jäverling and von Euler have worked together on previous albums as the duo Dödens Dal and have also recorded as solo artists on various labels all over the world including Harmönia, Höga Nord, Ausland Schläge and Kning Disk.


“Och en liknande effekt har musiken på mig. Musik för trädgårdar är ett upplyftande album innehållande minimalistisk musik som växer för varje lyssning.” 8/10 – Tobias Magnusson, Hymn.se

“För ett mer närodlat alternativ kan det strax kompletteras med duon Jäverling/Von Eulers vackra Årsta-ambient på kommande albumet ”Musik för trädgårdar.” Andres Lokko, SVD

“Both artists favour an atmosphere of calm, and it seems likely this blending of styles unfolded naturally, each welcoming the other. As expected of this pairing, the sound feels to be warm and alive, with shimmering tones and piano notes like raindrops.” ADSR Collective

“Låtarna har namn som Minneslund, Grenverk och Daggkåpa och låter ömsom som långsamma japanska vindspel, ömsom som meditationsmusik, gläntor i gryningen, fågelkvitter, porlande vatten och mild bris.” 4/6 – Sara Berg, Nöjesguiden

“It’s like a fusion of New Age jazz and ambient composition. Though having a bit of the vibe of an after hours techno lounge, the overall effect uplifts the mood with the sense of illumination and energy.” Queen City Sounds and Art

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