Ellen Pettersson – Origo

Origo - Ellen Pettersson, Apollo


Liminal spaces in music. Feather light chords in repetition

Cover: Siri Carlén
Mastering: Magnus Lindberg
Mix: Daniel Ögren
Production: Ellen Pettersson. Daniel Ögren and Björn Lindberg
Release date: 2022-06-02
Format: Digital and 12″ vinyl

This is Ellen Pettersson’s debut album. Organic music somewhere in the borderland between jazz and ambient. Rooted in Swedish soil in harmony with the infinite space. Ellen is part of the art pop band Hey Elbow and also plays with Alice Boman and Sara Parkman.

Recorded 2020 live in Tambourine Studio by Björn Lindberg, in Repan at Norra Grängseberg and in Partihallarna.


Ellen Pettersson: Flygelhorn, trumpet, synths etc
Anne Marte Eggen: Bass
Johan Lundberg: Guitar and electronics
Liam Amner: Drums
Olle Vikström: Saxophone (on track 1, 4, 5 and 7)
Alice Hernqvist: Piano (on track 8)

Origo – tracklist:

//1. PPP
//2. Origo
//3. Insomnia
//4. Kattegatt
//5. Devon
//6. Ebb
//7. Pomona
//8. Apollo


Ellen Pettersson - photo

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