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solulf nå då så cover

Solulf – Nå då så

SOLULF – NÅ DÅ SÅ Tiny piano movements, gentle strings and nostalgic harmonies. Cover by Daniel Segerheim.Mastering by Henrik von Euler.Release date: 2019-05-20Format: Digital First track taken from the upcoming EP “Andra” out on...

label daniel savio zodiaken

Testpresses have arrived for Daniel Savio – Zodiaken

Testpresses for Daniel Savio – Zodiaken have arrived. And they sound absolutely perfect. The album consists of 12 tracks inspired by the zodiak. I wont give away anything more now except that this release...

instrumental daydreams playlist

New playlists and mixes

Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling, Dödens Dal and Små Vågor added to a couple of mixes and playlists