Aloaded Label Spotlight: Flora & Fauna

Aloaded Label Spotlight: Flora & Fauna.

This week Flora & Fauna is the focus for Aloaded’s Label Spotlight. Aloaded is a digital distributor based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have plenty of great labels on their roster such as Malmö Inre, Höga Nord Rekords, Hybris, Tona Serenad and Rundgång to mention a few.

Here is short outtake from their feature:

“Flora and Fauna have discovered and developed some incredible artists such as Liljor, @danielkooldjdust , @solulf, and Små vågor. What you can look forward to in the near future from Flora and Fauna is their artist @clora__ soon to be released album in December called “Till Doro”. Another release we are looking forward to is Jäverling ◇ von Euler who is also dropping an album during spring called “Musik för trädgårdar”. We can’t wait to hear it!💥💥.”

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