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Nattmusik ambient compilation

Nattmusik – V/A

Nordic ambient compilation featuring some of the finest artists in the genre. Night music for those who can not, or do not want to, sleep.

Drömstadie Jäverling ◇ von Euler

Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Drömstadie

Jäverling ◇ von Euler – Drömstadie Dreams are reality and reality is a dream. Journey further through different stages of sleep with this hypnotic piece by Jäverling ◇ von Euler. Cover by Erica JacobsonMastering...

Nattmusik pre-order

Pre-order Nattmusik – V/A

We are now taking pre-orders for the ambient compilation Nattmusik. Fourteen exclusive tracks on double gatefold vinyl. Release date is set for September 10th. Limited edition of 200 copies. Pre-order the album and listen...

Ålderns tröst - Andreas Söderström cover

Andreas Söderström – Ålderns tröst

ANDREAS SÖDERSTRÖM – Ålderns tröst A lament for lost summer nights and a life that slowly slips through your hands. Slowly evolving ambient movements of past and future. Cover by Erica JacobsonMastering by Henrik...

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